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      Buying [VIP]VIP is easy! Simply message me stating that you want to purchase VIP. You can message me by Clicking Here.

      The Prices for [VIP]VIP are currently: We have finally decided to release our private hacks. As you know the public is out, now its time to do some real damage!! The way we have set it up is when you purchase from designing it but it is functioning) you message me here or message "Cheatsinc" on the forum there and you will be able to also get VIP here for the time you have it there.   We are accepting paypal/cc/debit/BTC currently. If you are ready to own and not have to worry about being detected you better get your ass over to!!!!     Remember the option to purchase each hack is at the bottom of that particular hacks page.   Hope to see you in the VIP !!!   -TuxifieD-
    • Fkn0wned Official Rules   05/26/2015 Official Rules   These are the Fkn0wned Official Rules. If you don't agree with our rules then please don't bother to post on the board. We take rules very seriously, upon breaking them you will be warned and depending on the severity of your offense you can and will be banned with no hesitation. There will be no user group exceptions, everyone on the forum is equal.     - Red Light Rules -   Upon breaking these rules you will be dealt with immediately, these are the most severe offenses and we take breaking them very seriously. Mild racism is tolerated, however we do not take hateful/harsh racism lightly.Posting pornography, NSFW (Not Safe For Work) material in non-designated sections, or shock sites in any section. Don't do it, it doesn't make you cool.Posting gore or graphic imagery for disruptive purposes isn't allowed.Planning or talking about hacking other websites or people in the wrong sections, we have a section for this. Keep it in there.You are not to share or sell your account, this is a violation and you will be banned if caught.Bumping old topics without permission. If you want to do it you need a valid explanation.Spamming multiple topics over a short period of time. We will notice, don't do it.Flaming and ranting in the wrong sections. Don't do it, take your negative attitude off the board or into the specified section.Linking to virii and/or spyware and phishing sites. You will be caught and banned. We will find out your personal information upon infecting a member. We don't take lightly to this.Posting personal information about another forum member without permission.Making hate threads about a previous ban/suspension/warn. Take it up with the person who punished you, nobody else cares.  We don't care who you are or what user group you are in. Anyone who tries to smart ass these rules will be punished.     - Orange Light Rules -   Upon breaking these rules you will be warned and sent a message from a moderator. Posting in capital letters, this is highly annoying and doesn't make you cool.Posting referral links without either also leaving a non-referral link to the same site or content clearly visible. Referral links can be posted freely in our referral links section.Complaining about another member, a ban or a warning you have received. Take it up with a moderator privately.Pointing out what needs to be done, who needs to be warned, what needs changing. We have a suggestions forum. Use it.Trolling the forum, looking for fights and not letting down on a previous argument.Posting retarded IM or Xfire conversations, nobody cares. It is stupid.Having a bitter negative attitude in every thread possible. If you have a bitchy and negative persona then leave now.No continuous 1337 speaking. This means you can do it now and again, but if it's repetitive then it's highly annoying.Posting in the wrong sections, you have eyes. Find the right place for your thread/post.Use the search button, everyone hates a duplicated thread.Speak English. If you can't speak a bit of English then please don't post.Advertising your website. Upon doing this you will be warned, if you do it again you won't be coming back.Posting images without having a decent post with it. For example - posting the FAIL or OWNED pictures on their own.Remaking closed threads, they are closed for a reason. Keep it that way.   We don't care who you are or what user group you are in. Anyone who tries to smart ass these rules will be punished.   Additional Rules:   - No HTML code in the shoutbox. Use bbcode instead. We take this very seriously. Any HTML abuse will result in a permanent suspension of your account. This might seem harsh, but it's needed.   - Backseat Moderating Backseat Moderating is the act of posting in a thread as a "moderator" saying something like "mods please close" or "move this thread to this forum." This is not allowed at fkn0wned. Instead, please use the report post button to alert a moderator more quickly and conveniently. All posts like this will be treated as spam and deleted. If there are several occurrences some warnings and infractions may be shown.   -Flaming Flaming will not be tolerated. This includes petty name calling to full on abuse, threats of any kind and general rudeness. All people involved will be punished. If you feel someone is treating you unfairly, simply press the report button at the bottom of that person's post, and a Mod/Admin will deal with it. Do not become involved in an argument!   -Trolling Mild trolling is allowed, but don't let it get too far, and don't be surprised if it'll end with a warn or worse. If others disapprove, we urge you to stop immediately as it can be perceived as flaming or disrespecting.   -Misleading Content Do not post threads in order to mislead a member. This could be anything from phrasing a question as a tutorial or saying it is one thing and it being completely different.   -Multiple Accounts Multiple accounts are not allowed. Do not make multiple accounts to give yourself: Referral Points, or rep points, you will get IP banned if caught doing this, because i am tired of seeing people cheat their referrals.   - Shoutbox rules - Do NOT post large images in the shoutboxListen to the Admins/Smods/Crew in shoutboxDo NOT post links/videos to any stealers/virus'sDo NOT post any porn, shock sites or gore in the shoutboxAll of the Global rules apply in the shoutboxDo NOT bump your market threads in the shoutboxDo NOT sell anything in the shoutboxEnglish Only!Do NOT fight in the Shoutbox nobody likes you when you doNo blatant flaming/trolling of membersDo NOT abuse the smiles.Do NOT do any requests for accounts, money, etc..  Brief Overview   We have a very constructive and unique set of members. Upon posting on the board you will be judged by our members, they are human and have valid opinions. If you want to make a good impression consider the following advice: When making a thread ask yourself if you are going to be flamed by our members due to what you are posting.Use full punctuation and grammar. If need be, use a spell checker. Everyone hates an illiterate person.When replying to a thread, make sure it's constructive and helpful.If you can't make a positive contribution to a thread then don't bother posting.  Keep in mind that these "rules" are more like guidelines, you choose how you want people to perceive you.     Please take 10 minutes of your time to read our FAQ - Here.   Fkn0wned isn't just a place for free warez, porn and hacks. It's also a community. We want to keep the community clean and in order, so help us do it by following the rules. Remember, we have numerous competitions and following the rules correctly makes you a competitor. If you have any questions then please let us know. We are always open for suggestions and take criticism well.   Thanks you for reading these rules and we hope you can follow them. Enjoy your stay at
    • The Fkn0wned FAQ   05/26/2015

      The Fkn0wned FAQ     1. General   Q. What is Fkn0wned? A. Fkn0wned is a community for computer enthusiasts, gamers, hackers, coders and graphic artists all in one. It is the best place to meet new friends and learn new tricks. Here you can catch up on the latest news within the hacking community and just have a good old banter with your new friends.   Q. What does Fkn0wned mean? A. Fkn0wned = Fucking Owned. Pronounced EffKayAn for SFW purposes.   Q. Who are the head staff members of Fkn0wned? A. The Fkn0wned currently management consist of 2 Admins and 1 Super Moderator. These are the people who have generally been here the longest and earned their position as enforces on the forum. You can go to them for help and advice when needed:   Owner: [FkN]TuxifieD Admin: [FkN]KZA       2. Private Groups   Q. What are the benefits of being in the 1K Club? A. Besides not having to "unhide" content manually, there is also a special forum made for them which has deals as well as a more exclusive place to chat.   Q. What are the benefits of being in the VIP Group? A. VIPs have access to the 1K section as well as their own private board with higher quality content. They may request Steam accounts daily. They also have access to private hacks that Fkn0wned releases.   Q. How do i join the VIP Group? A. A fixed payment is required for membership to the VIP group. More Information can be found by clicking Here       3. Hack Questions   Q. How can I download your hacks? A. The "Database" link on the top of the page will get you to the right place. You can navigate your way around our download section and find the right hack for you. It is fairly easy, just choose your hack and click Download.   Q. Can I be banned by VAC from a demo? A. No! This is against steams stated policy so it isn't going to happen. Worst that can happen with a demo is that you get banned from that server or steambans servers.   Q. I have my own hack, how do I release it? A. If you have your own hack and you wish to release it then contact an Admin or Smod and have them release it for you.   Q. How do I make it look like I'm not hacking? A. This is different for each hack you use. A rule of thumb is to turn off all norecoil/nospread settings as it appears as if your screen is shaking for spectators. Turn any auto-shoot settings off, set the aim-smooth setting to at least 4 and put the FOV as small as possible so that your aim won't suddenly turn around shooting people in the head blatantly exposing you're a cheater.       4. Profile Questions   Q. How can I check my Personal Messages? A. At the top of the page, click Messenger.   Q. How can I change my signature? A. At the top of the page click "My Settings" > "Profile" > "Edit Signature"   Q. How can I change my avatar? A. At the top of the page click "My Settings" > "Profile" > "Edit Avatar".       5. Miscellaneous/Other Questions   Q. I have been warned, what does this mean? A. This means you have violated one of Fkn0wneds rules and it has resulted in a warn. Be careful, because 5 warns is an instant ban.   Q. Is there a way to remove my warns? A. If we believe you have fully earned the opportunity to have a warn or all warns removed, we will do it. Ask politely, and you will get a straight answer.   Q. I just got banned from using your hacks, can I get something? A. No, you take full responsibility for using any hacks you download from us.   Q. I have a suggestion, where can I make it? A. Best place is in the "Comments and Suggestions" forum, please do not PM anyone.   Q. How come many things I want to see come up with hidden content? A. This is called hidden content. You cannot see the hidden content until you make a reply in the topic it's in.   Q. Is there any way to get rid of the Hidden Content permanently? A. The hidden messages will not show for any Fkn0wned Staff, VIP or 1K Club.   Q. Is adfly or other pay2click sites allowed? A. No adfly or pay2click links to downloads are allowed, we take pride in being one of the sites that do not allow these on our forums for an ease of use for our members.   Q. Is Fkn0wned recruiting staff members? A. We are always looking for qualified members of the forum who show an undying dedication to the high quality of the board. We do not accept applications for a Staff position (except in very rare cases), being a Staff member is an invite-only opportunity.   Q. I just got banned from the forums, can I get unbanned? A. Bans happen for a reason. However, if you disagree with it you can make an appeal in the Ban appeal section justifying your actions and try to convince us to unban you.   Q. Can I delete my account?? A. Currently we don't have an option for you to delete your account, if you don't want to be apart of our site simply just don't visit it anymore.
    • Win Cash And Prizes For Posting! CLICK HERE.   06/04/2015

      A new contest we will test this month. You will be paid to post basically. The way it will work is that when you post a topic, after the first reply it will automatically lock at a certain amount of time after. If you are the last person to reply before it is locked, you win a point. The topics will be in the general section only and I will enable the game on each topic by hand so you'll see my edit saying its enabled. The person with the most points (you gain a point each time you're the last person to post in a topic before it closes) wins first place in our give away. So just to increase your odds, the best thing to do is just to come on, reply to the most recently opened topics that you haven't read, and maybe start a topic too, to increase your odds by having more topics open. Spam will be punished with suspension. Do not spam, post quality posts. Theres plenty in the world to talk about right now. No spamming, if you ask for the topic to be closed (you're the opener) you obviously do not get a point. 1st place prize - $40 USD + Your choice of  CSGO VIP/CSS VIP/Bf4 VIP for a month. 2nd Place - CSGO VIP/CSS VIP/BF4 VIP for a month 3rd Place - CSGO VIP/CSS VIP/ BF4 VIP for 2 weeks All the hacks are the hacks from and they are all currently undetected and working
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