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  1. Talon08 added a post in a topic KITTINSSSSSSS   

    In case you were in search of something new to try with your favourite little kitty

  2. Talon08 added a topic in Completed Sales   

    [w]steam acct w/ tf2 trading capability
    hey guys im looking for an unbanned steam account that has the ability to trade with others on tf2. . . I want an account that isn't just a fresh made account is the main thing. Will pay $1 via paypal, you go first unless I know you
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  3. Talon08 added a post in a topic _-^Fkn Bracelets for sale^-_   

    Bump de bump bump, was on holiday for a wee bit. I still have more if anyone fancies, I can sent them out within 24hours. Just keep in mind if ordering multiple for the discount rate they must be sent to the same address as I am discounting it because I don't have to pay for multiple postage.
  4. Talon08 added a post in a topic _-^Fkn Bracelets for sale^-_   

    Sold a few moar, for those of you in doubt, more vouches will be coming in! Thanks Fopje
  5. Talon08 added a topic in General Discussion   

    Missed connection [Smoking Hot Babe]
    I saw you today on the bus eating your lovely snack. I just wish I had the courage to say hi. Don't call it creepy but I took a lovely picture instead. If this was you, please reach out, maybe we can go on a date.

    I think you're purrrrrrdddyyyyyy

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  6. Talon08 added a topic in Completed Sales   

    _-^Fkn Bracelets for sale^-_
    Hello everyone! They have been for sale before and now they are back at a super low price, it literally costs this much to ship them by the time I add in the bracelet price, padded envelope, and shipping fee... and in some case I might lose money but here goes.

    Prices as follows (INCLUDED shipping and handling)

    Anywhere in USA = $3
    Worldwide = $4

    ***Add additional wristbands sold at a rate of $1 each when included in the same order. (Example you want 3 wristbands it will cost a total of $5 if located in the United States -- $3 for the first + $1 for the second + $1 for the third.)

    Ordering info


    Now go get alpha and order yourself a fkn bracelet!

    Wristbands have currently reached: The Netherlands, Australia, Serbia, United States, France, and German. Together we stand, divided they fall!
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  7. Talon08 added a topic in General Discussion   

    Grandmother in love and having child with grandson
    Grandma is that you?

    The pensioner, from Indiana, US, is using her pension to pay a surrogate mother so they can have a child, reports New Zealand's New Idea magazine.

    She said: "I'm not interested in anyone else's opinion. I am in love with Phil and he's in love with me.

    "Soon I'll be holding my son or daughter in my arms and Phil will be the proud dad."

    Her lover is the son of Pearl's daughter Lynette Bailey - who she put up for adoption when she was 18-years-old.

    When his mother passed away, Phil tracked down his long lost grandmother and they quickly fell in love.

    Pearl told New Idea magazine: "From the first moment that I saw him, I knew we would never have a grandmother-grandson relationship.

    "For the first time in years I felt sexually alive."

    It was during their second week together, after dinner and wine, that Pearl made her move.

    "I called Phil into my bedroom, sat him on the bed, and then I leant over and kissed him," she added.

    "I expected rejection but instead he kissed me back."

    Phil revealed: "I wanted to kiss her there and then. My feelings were overwhelming.

    "I love Pearl with all my heart. I've always been attracted to older women and I think Pearl is gorgeous. Now I'm going to be a dad and I can't wait.

    "Yes, we get laughed at and bullied when we go out and kiss in public but we don't care. You can't help who you fall for."

    The pair paid $54,000 (£35,000) to find a surrogate mother and buy a donor egg to inseminate with Phil's sperm.

    They placed an advert asking for an open-minded surrogate, and Roxanne Campbell applied.

    "Initially I was shocked," says Roxanne, 30. "But they're a brilliant pair and I saw how much they loved each other. I know the baby will be loved too."

    Pearl said: "I am finally going to be a mum and not forced to give up my child. Phil's going to be a great dad.

    "I never in a million years thought at 72 I'd be 'pregnant' and in love with my grandson.

    "I make no apologies and I believe God's given me a second chance."
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  8. Talon08 added a post in a topic Which Car should I purchase?   

    I agree with those leaning towards the Audi, the 350z may seem cool but really in the long run as mentioned many times before the Audi would be a better buy. I have had an A6 for a while now and it couldn't treat me better. The Audi will be more practical while keeping it classy and looking sharp. The interior (granted is in good condition) is quite nice and will provide you with a ride in comfort. Among so many reasons, which I can go in depth on, it would be the better route. Hit me up if you really want more of a break down.
  9. Talon08 added a post in a topic Wome are not and can not be independent   

    ^^^^ btw jokessss
  10. Talon08 added a post in a topic Wome are not and can not be independent   

    man are you trying to tell me women belong in three places? The kitchen, the bedroom, and the hallway in between!
  11. Talon08 added a post in a topic WTS: Humble Indie Bundle #2   

    I vouch for him, you will have nothing but a flawless transaction and some nice new games as long as you pull your end of the deal!!!you guys can get braid for only $2 among the obvious others, not a bad buy!
  12. Talon08 added a post in a topic Hello everybody in the chatbox!   

    why hello, does a venus fly trap solve problems in the modern day world?
  13. Talon08 added a post in a topic Ryanair CEO hopes to offer in-flight porn   

    that is a bit nasty im switching to easyjet all the time if that were to happen!