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  1. avenga added a post in a topic End of January VIP Raffle   

  2. avenga added a post in a topic A new Counter-Strike, is coming?   

    Damn new cs = going to buy it instantly
  3. avenga added a post in a topic Magnitude-6.4 earthquake hits off Japan   

    Dude omg I felt like crying when I saw this? How much do they have to endure? Why can't we help them? Why are there so many earthquakes only in japan? So many question O_o?
  4. avenga added a post in a topic HELLO THERE KITTIES   

    Umm is it possible to get minecraft premium accounts? My friend told me I need 150 posts? Is this true, please reply soon!
  5. avenga added a post in a topic Should the USA default ?   

    I dont think they should, because as you may or may not know I live in Canada, we trade about 70% of our imports/exports with America, we will be drastically affected if they default because they will stop buying our stuff, and thus we and many other countries will fall.
  6. avenga added a post in a topic Best portable gaming device?   

    NINTENDO DS NOOBS lol joke.
  7. avenga added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Hello, I'm avenga, I'm new to this forum. Maybe I can has hax, or free games here O_O
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  8. avenga added a post in a topic h4x0rz thinks i cheated in cs 1.6 1on1   

    Yeap, bored, without balls.