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  1. Nitrous added a post in a topic Boyfriend troublesss   

    I used to have this problem with my girlfriend hanging out with her ex, who was her closest friend before they started dating and realized it wasn't going to work out. From a male point of view I can say that I felt the same way you did. I was having feelings that questioned if I was enough for her and I kind of got down on myself for it. The only advice I have for you is to tell him straight up that it does make you feel uncomfortable when he hangs out with other girls alone at his house, but make it clear you don't have a problem with him hanging out with other girls, but the intimacy of that particular situation makes you feel uncomfortable and inadequate. Try suggesting you hanging out with them. If he freaks out on you, and you feel like you're being totally reasonable, then it is likely that you guys wont work out. If he really loved you he would realize that something makes you feel uncomfortable and either stop or take steps toward helping your relationship by inviting you to hang out with them. You just have to be reasonable, and from a male point of view, nothing I have said would be considered "unreasonable". Worked for my relationship.
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    New Radiohead - King of Limbs
    Anyone hear Radioheads new album? It's alright imo, they've def put out better. They released this video two days ago, shit's dope.
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    Are you fucking stupid? That will not make your weed more potent, the only reason you ever put weed in the oven is if you're drying out your crop and you're a grower. What the fuck are you talking about that certainly has nothing to do with making your shit potent or making hash.
  6. Nitrous added a post in a topic Holy Shit Best Imitator Ever?   

    That was dope.
  7. Nitrous added a post in a topic 11 Tons of Pot Caught in Chicago   

    Ima try to find pics of that.
  8. Nitrous added a post in a topic New Fast & Furious trailer   

    That looks dope.
  9. Nitrous added a post in a topic Miley Cyrus fucked up on salvia   

    Salvia can be lot of fun and its legal here. She obviously didn't do 80X or a high dose or she'd be fucked up. She held her shit a lot better than other bitches ive been with that have done Salvia.Not a huge deal.
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