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  1. silentr0ck added a topic in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   

    Need help testing server! [NA]
    Hey guys,
    A close friend of mine just set up a pair of CSGO servers in NA (USA, specifically) and needs to have them tested to see if they're working right.
    I'd really appreciate if some of you could go over there and play just for a while.
    It'd be best for him if you go first to Dallas and then Kansas.
    Please enter the chatroom in to coordinate the whole thing, my friend is Reflex, he's the owner of the servers. 
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  2. silentr0ck added a post in a topic Verification Documents Service   

    Mexican documents? 
  3. silentr0ck added a post in a topic What've you guys got in these Steam Summer Sales?   

    ​They haven't finished yet, but they've got some good ones. Some days is just plain shit, daily deals have been the best ones since Flash sales are just horrible.
  4. silentr0ck added a topic in Gaming Discussion   

    What've you guys got in these Steam Summer Sales?
    I've bought these so far

    Planning on getting May Payne 3 complete if it gets any lower and maybe Arma II complete.
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  5. silentr0ck added a post in a topic Game 5. The must win. 5pm pst.   

    Cavs win  for 10~15 points.
  6. silentr0ck added a post in a topic [Breaking News]Mayweather-Pacquiao set for May 2   

    Mayweather hands down
  7. silentr0ck added a post in a topic Denver airport murals   

    I've seen them a couple times, I'm from Mexico and I really like mexican muralism, and these murals really give off that vibe. It remainds me of Diego Rivera, Clemente Orozco and Siqueiros. 
    I've heard lots of people saying that they are very bizarre and have no sense, but commenting that is just recklessly stupid, I see a lot of symbolism in them, mostly directed at social critic.
    Oh and by the way, the conspiracy theories and anything related to Illuminati and masonic cults is just plain stupid and ignorant.
  8. silentr0ck added a post in a topic SHOCKING interview with Valve Dota 2 employee   

    Lmfao I was shitting in laughs haha, I hope it'd be real lol
  9. silentr0ck added a post in a topic Have you already thought about your New Year's resolutions?   

    1. Climb further in the political chain. MOAR POWAR.
    2. Train Basketball harder.
    3. Get into the college I want.
    4. Reduce alcohol consumption.
  10. silentr0ck added a post in a topic Happy Holidays, and Stepping down   

    My good friend, hope everything in life goes great for you bud, you're a great person, Take care and stay in touch bro.
  11. silentr0ck added a post in a topic Mathematics.. Why do most people hate it?   

    Maybe it's the fact that the system has continuously failed to demonstrate how is it possible to apply more complex math (trigonometry, analytic geometry, calculus) in real life situations or the way it can even be useful. 
    Personally, I've had problems with math because I tend to suddenly lose interest and I just get lost in the topics.
  12. silentr0ck added a post in a topic The Game Awards 2014   

    Minecraft probably, best game ever.
  13. silentr0ck added a post in a topic Has anyone done Incest before?   

    I find it extremely disgusting when it comes to direct family. On the other hand, many of you think it would be incest if it's with your second cousin; as far as I'm concerned that's not considered incest. It's quite common in my family to marry second/third cousins, as a matter of fact, my grandparents on my dad's side are SC's, maybe that's why I don't see it as taboo.
  14. silentr0ck added a post in a topic [Have] More than 300+ steamGIFTS ( For Sale ) [Want] Paypal / Moneys / OFFERs   

    Prices for:
    Prison Architect
    XCOM Enemy Unknown
    Spore: Creepy and Cute
    NBA 2K14
    Chivalry Deadliest warriors
    Civilizations V
    State of Decay
    God Mode
    Also do you accept trades? I have an RSI Space Citizen account with the Scout Pledge worth $30 USD

  15. silentr0ck added a post in a topic Adios amigos!   

    Thanks honey babe love u all