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  1. Emrys added a topic in General Discussion   

    Best PC Optimization tools
    Lately I've been noticing that my computer is starting up slower than usual as well as running programs a bit slower. What are some of the best optimization tools out there? I already run the basic disc cleanup and disc defrag utilities so if there's anything else, let me know. 
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  2. Emrys added a post in a topic Rhets   

    Long time no see, welcome back
  3. Emrys added a post in a topic Growing out of music   

    Best song of all time.
  4. Emrys added a post in a topic [Music] To Pimp a Butterfly   

    Been hearing that it's on the deluxe version of the album. Don't quote me on that though. 
    @Nigel - man we have different tastes in hip hop music, but I think you missed the entire concept of the album dude. It's his story post-GKMC, the struggle with fame and blowing up as quick as he did, dealing with depression and survivors guilt, all that shit man. It covers a lot more than you could hope to review in this one thread. You shouldn't be issuing verdicts the same day an album releases. This is a game changing album for certain. 
    "Do you fools listen to the music or just skim through it?" - Jay Z (Renegade)
  5. Emrys added a post in a topic [Music] To Pimp a Butterfly   

    Well I certainly think you got the review wrong. Kendrick came correct on this album. I will not be surprised if it sells 500k first week.
  6. Emrys added a post in a topic What Song Do You Play Most?   

    Lately for me it's been these 3
  7. Emrys added a post in a topic Is the capitalism the best option we have?   

    In an imperfect world. yes. Conceptually, i'd say communism is the best social system ever, the only issue is the only way it works is with a government that is only concerned about the public, not their own power. In addition, everyone in the society must be on the same page for it to work, they must have the same mindset. However it's impossible and so in my opinion impractical. 
    Because society at large is so motivated by money and power, capitalism is probably the best.
  8. Emrys added a post in a topic Ferguson, New York, Police Brutality, and Racism   

    No  training? Not quite there bud

    Aside from that, eyewitness testimony on the case is very conflicting. The true story still is not known so you cannot say for fact that Martin assaulted him with no other provocation. Also, you should take into consideration that neighborhood watch is never, under any circumstances supposed to or instructed to confront suspicious individuals and attempt to apprehend them. Their duty is to notify police if they observe anything out of the ordinary, which Zimmerman did, and was then instructed by the dispatcher to not approach Martin, but wait for police. He then decided to exit his car with a loaded pistol and confront Martin, and for all we know due to conflicting testimonies, provoke him and even initiate the fight, or be brutally assaulted for no reason, we cannot say for certain. This leaves one fact to remain, an unarmed teenager died because he ignored the police and approached Martin with a loaded pistol.
  9. Emrys added a post in a topic Ferguson, New York, Police Brutality, and Racism   

    Alright I'm going to address your points on the Trayvon Martin case. Here are the facts at the end of the day. George Zimmerman is not and was not a police officer. Ever. He made the decision to follow a "suspicious looking" black teenager and alert the police. Even after the police dispatcher told him to stay in his car and not approach Martin, he got out of his car with a loaded pistol. Regardless of the confrontations, regardless of who was beating up who, George Zimmerman made the conscious decision to ignore the dispatcher and approach Trayvon Martin with a loaded gun. At the end of the day, Trayvon Martin is dead for the sole reason that George Zimmerman wanted to be a vigilante hero. No Martin wasn't innocent, I'm not trying to say he is, but you do not answer injustice with murder. Zimmerman should have been convicted of manslaughter at a bare minimum. Justice has not been served here, and unfortunately I doubt it ever will be.
    I would tend to agree with your stance in Michael Brown. This was such a loaded issue because Ferguson, Missouri is historically a very racist town. On top of that, emotions ran high because of the policing and prosecution process (for starters they left his body uncovered in the street for hours, then the prosecution was highly irregular and definitely could have been biased in favor of Wilson [the prosecutor presenting the case has ties to law enforcement]).
    As far as Eric Garner however, sure the officers may have felt threatened enough that they felt they would need to subdue him. However the officers attempting an arrest used an illegal chokehold. That chokehold has been outlawed for use by NYPD officers. The cause of death was compression of the neck and chest (his weight and health probably contributed, but that was the ultimate cause). Eric Garner should still be alive today because that chokehold should never have been applied. That is what makes this a crime, and even as the coroner ruled, homicide.
    I'll address your points as you laid them out.
    1. According to the way the stories been reported, yeah it probably was all in self-defense. However my point with Michael Brown is there are conflicting testimonies and heavy criticisms of the prosecutors in charge of presenting the case to the grand jury. I think at the absolute least, this case should have gone to trial because there's still discrepancies with the case that were never addressed.
    2. Agreed
    3. So you don't believe in White Privilege? And that institutional racism does not exist?
    4. Again, agreed. He's only added fuel to the fire.
    Anyway, good start guys! just remember let's try to keep this civil. 
  10. Emrys added a post in a topic Perceptions of other countries   

    The funny thing is, the south is kind of like this. The south and midwest U.S. are generally hyper-conservative, very christian (or mormon), hicks. If you stick to the coasts, its a much more diverse crowd. 
  11. Emrys added a topic in Serious Discussion   

    Ferguson, New York, Police Brutality, and Racism
    I can honestly say I'm surprised this thread hasn't already been created, though considering a lot of you are from Europe or other continents, you might not be as informed or involved in the tension in the United States right now. Regardless, I think it's time those who have an opinion on the subject should have a reasonable and intelligent discussion on the matters listed in the title. For those who aren't aware, I'll post a wikipedia synopsis of the two major issues at hand.
    Just a warning, there could be a lot of information and emotion flowing around this thread. Please keep it civil, and please refrain from TL:DR bullshit. I'm hoping this can generate some informed responses.
    The Deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner

    My opinion on the matter:
    I think it's obvious there's still a very serious racial divide in America, especially within the justice system. Now don't get me wrong, Michael Brown was not innocent, and Eric Garner probably was not either. However the instances surrounding both these cases, and the decisions not to indict the officers involved, and at least take the case to trial is completely wrong. I very strongly believe this to be the case especially with Eric Garner. With all the ambiguities and conflicting testimonies given in the Brown case, there were absolutely none of those with Eric Garner. The whole incident was captured on video camera. It was clearly homicide, and yet there was no trial. 
    The statistics tell the entire story. Very rarely do police officers ever go to trial for instances that occurred in the line of duty, whether its excessive force, unlawful search and seizure, or in this case, homicide. The United States' justice system is skewed in a way that perpetuates racism. Minorities are targeted and white citizens are forgiven. 
    I support the peaceful protesters, and most importantly the protesters of the Eric Garner case. That being said, I only support the protesters as long as they remain peaceful. Perpetuating violence is not the answer. And frankly, I'm disgusted by the anti-protest and racist sentiments I've seen from some of my peers. 
    I can go on this subject for hours, but I figured I'd start the conversation and see some responses. So have at it! Just please try to keep it respectful and calm, no need for any flamers or trolls. And please have an informed opinion
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  12. Emrys added a post in a topic [1920x1080] MNL Wallpaper   

    I like it Manlosa, it's a very cool concept.
    The background gradient is a very nice touch, and each aspect of this piece has incredible depth. 
    The one suggestion I could think of immediately, and yeah this is kind of unnecessary and nitpicking, but the shards or pieces that come off the main figure along the top of the background are too neat.  They run almost in a straight line whereas on all other sides, pieces seem to be flying out randomly.
  13. Emrys added a topic in Serious Discussion   

    Perceptions of other countries
    So I just got briefly lost in Youtube comment threads, with everyone spewing bullshit over who's home country is better, or stereotypes of others, etc. Of course it was one of the stupidest discussions I've ever seen, I feel dumber for having read it, however it got me thinking about how we all perceive each other's countries. For example, I'm from the U.S.A., to all the Europeans out there, what type of generalizations form in your head when I say that? And vice versa?
    Kind of pointless and stupid, but could make for an interesting discussion nonetheless. 
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  14. Emrys added a post in a topic Fkn0wned logo?   

    TheJah didn't make the current logo, if I'm correct (like 75% certain) it was made by ZoaQ. I have a version of the current skull, its a dark gray instead of the current color. I'll send it to you if the staff approves it, however I will wait for them to confirm it.
  15. Emrys added a post in a topic 10 of the best celebrity doing the ALS ice bucket challenge. (What do you guys think of it)   

    You guys need to check out 50 Cent's, its amazing