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  1. Bling added a post in a topic Am I being over jealous?   

    That is a nice bod, she's honest at least. And it's normal for a guy to get jealous when his girlfriend admires some other guy. She's either looking for a reaction from you (to make you jealous and protective). Or she's fucking him behind the bleachers --- j/k
  2. Bling added a post in a topic How do you deal with stress/depression   

    Ice cream, dancing, smoking weed and getting laid naps are great stress relievers.
  3. Bling added a post in a topic Cocksucker puts a firecracker in a dog's mouth and tapes it shut [EXPLICIT]   

    I saw this a few days despicable.
  4. Bling added a post in a topic [SE] Oxytocin the "Trust" Hormone