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    thanks bro
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    I dont know any of this shit, but it's fuckin interesting lol
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    Deja Vu and Predictions
    Okay, for about the past few years I've been having deja vu often. By often I mean like maybe once everyone one to two weeks. This is what happens, I just go and do something and I get a quick flash of like a memory and I can almost predict what's going to happen... And what DOES happen I thought I predicted. I can't really tell if I actually predicted it because it happens so fast. Here's an example.. I went to Niagra Falls recently. On like the 20th floor of a hotel I looked down on a huge garden and I was like completely sure that I've seen that scenery before from that exact angle...and just that second I was looking at a little girl below running. I got a quick prediction that she was gonna fall. That same second she fell...Here's another thing.. sometimes I'm watching TV and I just think of something from a random episode of a show and later that same day that episode is on TV.This happens to me often too.I know this sounds like bull shit but it's true... Does anyone else get this shit?I'm really into the human brain. I notice a lot of shit that happens I think in some way humans can predict the future.
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    I would just fuck a bitch. That is all.