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    Approach me in an aggressive manner, sibling.
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    In this ecstasy, baby

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  1. Zone added a post in a topic SE Free Cigarettes   

  2. Zone added a post in a topic [ Exclusive] DayZ StandAlone Beta Download   

  3. Zone added a post in a topic [Resolved] Homework   

    Old math problems are fun because you can google the answers.
  4. Zone added a post in a topic [TuT] How to SE Zippo Lighter!   

    I love dem zippos
  5. Zone added a post in a topic What song are you listening to?   

    I've been on a Scroobius binge, can't get enough of him.
  6. Zone added a post in a topic Types of Civilizations   

    I highly doubt we'll be able to make it to what Type 1 describes. Especially not in 100 years.Humans will have to go through massive changes as a whole to get anywhere near being unified enough to develop the harnessing of a power like that on a mass/effective scale.
  7. Zone added a post in a topic Fkn0wned Is Recruiting Sectional Moderators   

    Applied the other day but had to go and forgot to post D;
  8. Zone added a post in a topic Voting Fraud in America   

    f0wh, I'm moving with you. I /quit.
  9. Zone added a post in a topic Symantec says hackers released Norton source code   

    To keep popularity of their group up over a long period of time, smart on their part. Notice how all their posts are flashy? Maybe not so much flashy, more social than would be usually expected is closer to what I mean, it's hard for me to explain for some reason. But either way the releases were made for attention, not saying it's a bad thing, but it wouldn't make sense for them to attack an AV company if they were actually trying to make a statement and not just so they could /flex.
  10. Zone added a post in a topic Good Bye and Good Luck Mystical   

    Goodbye dood, I love you<3
  11. Zone added a post in a topic, one of the largest gay torrent trackers appears to have shut down.   

    I'm kinda curious as to what was on this site ._.
  12. Zone added a post in a topic What computer languages do you know?   

    PhpHtmlCss (sorta)LuaBasic C#and Autoit :3
  13. Zone added a post in a topic Zone's school thread :D   

    Because the computer I'm using is from the 90's