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    Looks nice for me, one of the best i've seen from you so far, keep the good work
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    Everything looks really nice, i see u practiced a lot

    this is me when i saw the pics:

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    One of the best members in this community, its a pity that you have to leave. Good luck with your life.
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    Awesome wallpaper, nice one friend, already using it
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    Welcome to fkn0wned
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    Enjoy your stay here
  7. h4x0rZ added a topic in Social Engineering   

    [iPhone & Android]FREE FOOD FROM MC DONALDS!
    This requires a phone with camera! You need to have an android phone, or iPhone. [hide] First you download the application called "Coinoffers", then go and sign up with Facebook. Then open the camera, and take a picture of these: You can easily see they're marked in "square". Once you've taken the picture, turn turn your device 90 degrees, and take another picture. Then do it again, and 1 more time, so you can get 4 pictures. Then you should now get 4 coins out of each picture, instead of 1! NOTE: If it won't reconize it, then keep trying, maybe move the camera a bit up, try cleaning the camera for dust, and just keep trying, because it will come up sometime! [/hide]
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  8. h4x0rZ added a topic in Tool Setups   

    [ HOT ] How to Hack Your School Grading System [ Change your grades! ]
    Hello everyone, as it seems that a lot of you guys seem to be in high school and want to be like the "War Games" hackers I figured I'd write a tutorial on how to steal logins for online grading systems.

    If you're school still uses paper to write down and keep track of grades this tutorial is not for you!

    Please remember to be careful with this information, this is not for you to use only to understand that this is a posibility
    Step One - Understanding Some Basics (Skip this if you don't care what's happening behind the scenes)
    Now you've got to understand some basics about how computers communicate on a network (if you are familiar with this and have a general understanding of how TCP/IP works then skip this section as it is only for those who want to learn what's happening behind the scenes!)

    I'll try to cut down on most information!

    So basically every computer on a network has an IP address be it "" or "" that is your IP for your computer on your current network. This is your computer's "address" much like every house has a mailing address to receive postage!

    So basically all the computers send information through the "router" or "switch" which passes it on out to the internet and vise versa. The router broadcasts it's address to every computer on the network and says "Hey everyone! I'm and I'm your default gateway! Send all your requests through me and I'll serve you!" and all the computers happily send their requests through the router.

    But what if someone lied about being a certain IP address?

    In an ARP cache poising situation, this is exactly what a hacker would do.

    Hacker's Computer: "Hey (router)! I'm!"

    Router: (Didn't ask, but accepts this information) "OK thank you I'll send future data your way!"

    Hacker's Computer: "Hey user (Vlictim)! I'm you're router!"

    Vlctim's Computer: (Didn't ask, but accepts this information) "OK thank you I'll send my requests through you!"

    Now the hacker has places himself in a very great position! He is now a "proxy" or a computer that both the router and the vlctim must push their information through.

    So now if the vlctim wants to visit a webpage all of his data is sent through the hacker's computer and on to the router and vise versa.

    The advantage here is now the hacker can read everything the user is doing online.

    The problem
    The main problem with this is that most sites that do "Online Grading" encrypt their data before sending it to the router so that this attack is thwarted.

    The solution
    Using software like "Cain & Abel" you can get around this problem. This is done by spoofing the SSL certificate for the vlctim, however this can not be done completely as the vlctim will get a "SSL certificate error" warning message. Luckily in the most used version of Internet Explorer this message is just a simple "blalla error, click here to continue" and most users just ignore this and click ok. Now they are connected to the website but you can still see what they are doing!

    Congrads, you now (kinda) get how an ARP Cache Poising attack works & SSL Spoof attack.

    Step Two - Starting out (If you skipped step one you're a bad person!)

    A nice warning you'll be doing all this on a school computer, please be careful not to get caught (what if someone actually knows what you're trying to do?! Oh noes!)

    No you're going to need to install Cain & Abel for doing this attack! This is a Windows hacktool with all sorts of fun built in!

    Download here:

    Great! Now install the thing (I'm not going to hold your hand on this as it's really straightforward, just say yes to installing everything)

    Eventually you install everything and you start up Cain, please be sure you've allowed it internet accept if Windows prompts you for it.

    Now, you're going to need to click the sniffer button in the top left corner. It's looks like this:

    This has started the "sniffing" process where your computer will capture any traffic that it sends/receives. At this point this is only the websites you visit but you want to see everyone else's internet activity aswell!

    Step Three - Gathering vlctims!

    Now we are going to get a list of all computers currently on the network so we can poison them.

    To do this go to the sniffing tab as show below:

    Now you've got to start the ARP Cache poising. Click this button:

    Great! Now you need to select some computers to poison.

    Click the "+" button to add some computers to your list

    The following box will pop up:

    The default settings are perfectly fine, so scan everyone on your current subnet (which means everyone who's behind the same router/switch as you)

    Wait for it to finish scanning, once it's done move on to the next step.

    Step Four - Poising some ARP Caches!

    You are now going to direct everyone's traffic through your own computer so you can see what they are doing and steal their online passwords!

    Click the following tab: (Bottom left)

    Now click the Click the "+" button to add some computers to your list of "to poison"

    This window should now pop up:

    Now you're going to want to select the first IP address on the left, this is the router address so you can capture all data being sent to the router.

    Then select EVERYTHING in the right column.

    (Read the warning in the image above about selecting to many vlctims to poison!)

    Then click "OK"

    You are now intercepting all data on the network! Pat yourself on the back! You're screen should look like this:

    Step Five - Viewing intercepted data

    Great now that you're intercepting traffic you're going to want to view all the passwords you're stealing!

    Click this tab: (Again, bottom left)

    Now you see the following?:

    Those are all of the different types of passwords you're currently capturing!

    Since you're trying to get the online school grading passwords, click the "HTTP" section.

    Now you can see all the passwords you're capturing in realtime!

    Wow that's cool! Now just wait until a teach logs onto the online grading system and you've then captured their password!

    Important - Read this
    Something important to remember is that Cain is currently only capturing password data that it recognizes. It may not understand what data is a password and what isn't.

    You can specify what you want Cain to capture by clicking the "Configure" button at the top:
    See this link for image: (max number of images in thread is 15)

    You should see the menu below, go to the "HTTP Fields" tab and select everything in the top column and "Removal all" do this for the bottom section too.

    Now you need to know the field names for the username and password of the school grading system. Go to the grading login page (if you don't know the URL just grab it from the data above).

    Now you want to view the source of the page (Ctrl + U in Firefox)

    Look for something like this:

    <input name="txtTeacherUsername" id="txtTeacherUsername" size="18" value="" class="gaia le val" type="text"> <input type="hidden" name="txtTeacherPassword" id="txtTeacherPassword" size="18" value="" class="gaia le val" type="text">As you can see the two fields are "txtTeacherUsername" and "txtTeacherPassword"
    So now go back to Cain and add those field names in by inputting the field names and clicking the plus button:

    And click "OK"

    A nice little warning is that anyone who is connecting to a website via SSL will see this (most will just click to continue):

    Congrads! You are now capturing only the school grading system logins (unless multiple websites share the same field name!)

    Then remember the logins, go home (hide behind a proxy!) and login on the website and change your grades!
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    Hope to see you round hereBTW those games u listed are awesome
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    Welcome and have a nice day fella.
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    Lol nice intro, welcome to the site.
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    Enjoy your stay here m8
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    Welcome to fkn0wned, don't forget to check the programming section
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    Welcome to fkn0wned, enjoy your stay here
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