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  1. Ljungan added a post in a topic The return of TuxifieD
    Good times. Welcome back!
  2. Ljungan added a post in a topic Prometheus   

    lol blur =/= depth. blur equals blur
    this has depth. really good
    i see you started with the complementary colors, try adding a little more blue in some of those lines, might be cool idk.
    LOVE the lighting tho!!!
  3. Ljungan added a post in a topic Greek basketball team that using my picture, sould I sue?   

    Look up the talk "fuck you, pay me" by Mike something something. It really (okay, kind of) gives a great insight into matters like these.

    Also, you should get paid. Sue if you have the energy.
  4. Ljungan added a post in a topic Losing my dad slowly...   

    Jesus fucking christ. 10 something posts about how you should spend time with your dad. Yeah fucking right, no shit. That's not the hard part.
    The hard part is waking up without your dad. Doing crazy shit without being able to tell him. No dinner with pop, no trips, no nothing.
    The hardest part is when you learn he's gone. The call telling you he passed away. And that shit'll hit you like a brick. That shit will scar you for life, and you'll probably never get over it fully. That's the truth. And you wont be able to prepare for it, because you don't know when it will happen.
    The good news is that it'll get easier. You'll get through days, weeks, months and years without being sad as fuck. And then it'll hit you again, and again and again. Live's a fucking bitch and it doesn't get any easier because your dad passes away. But he, along with everybody you know, unfortunately have to pass away at some point in life. You could argue that "it's too soon" or "we haven't been able to hang out enough!" but that's always a little late and honestly it's better to just let life go the way it's supposed to, with its ups and downs, and just try to enjoy it as good as possible.
    Shit will happen all the time, some things are way worse than others, and that's the way it's supposed to be. This fucking sucks, it really does. And sadness is completely normal. It's important not to hide, or suppress, your feelings. It's important to have someone to share your thoughts with. And while I'd love to be that someone, an internet stranger simply wont cut it. The emotional sharing processes that are involved in a face-to-face conversation are just too complex to be swapped for chatting or similar.
    I suggest you either seek professional help either through the hospitals help-programs if such is available or by a therapist. If you can't afford meetings with a therapist or can't get it prescribed, I strongly suggest you talk to a friend or family member about this. This is the most important step. Getting through something like this is hard, even harder if you're by yourself.
    I hope you can cope with everything, and if you need something don't hesitate to shoot me a PM or simply by quoting me. I'll try to help to the extent I can. And finally, you have my condolences.
    Take care of your family, and of yourself.
  5. Ljungan added a post in a topic Public thanks to DarkLoler   

    yeah fuck tripleD (in the butt) why doesn't he talk to me anymore doesn't he like me idk i ruv him tho
  6. Ljungan added a post in a topic Public thanks to DarkLoler   

    Ah, you get my drift.
    I want us all to unite in a massive orgy, DarkLoler undressing first. Becuse we love him.   
  7. Ljungan added a topic in General Discussion   

    Public thanks to DarkLoler
    Alright so I definitely wouldn't do this to anybody, and neither should anyone else. But DarkLoler really deserves some attention.
    While the gesture itself, helping me with my almost bricked phone, wasn't that big, DarkLoler went out of his way and even stayed up when he was about to sleep just to help me out with my problems. 
    It's just nice to see people help eachother, really. It really warms my heart when someone does something like this. I never talked to this guy before, and he straight up doesn't go to bed just to help me out. And DarkLoler didn't even expect anything in return, just offered his service just like that.
    So yeah, this guy deserves a round of applause. This is what everyone, not just crew members, should do.
    Thanks again DarkLoler, thanks-a-fucking-lot.
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  8. Ljungan added a post in a topic I hate weekends. I hate being alone. I'm also a needy fucking boyfriend. Help me.   

    yeah no that's definitely not how psychologists work. 
    I'm not sure where you're coming from but if you read my first post, I don't experience anxiety when I'm around people. Not when I'm out, not when I'm with my gf, not when I'm in town. Doing stuff with my gf is pretty much exactly what I would want – but being together every single weekend just isn't healthy in a relationship.
    Your advice is probably great for some people, but I think you misunderstood my situation.
  9. Ljungan added a post in a topic I hate weekends. I hate being alone. I'm also a needy fucking boyfriend. Help me.   

    Uh, not trying to be rude or anything but what are you talking about? I know my girlfriend. We've been together for a year. Not saying that's very long but it's definitely long enough to know eachother. "Getting closer to her" and "getting to know her" definitely isn't on the map after a year. 
    Hanging out with her all the time isn't healthy at all, nor is following her to "most parties" because there'd be someone there hitting on her. Like I mentioned, I do trust her.
    I really appreciate your time, Mickey, but I have a feeling you haven't been in a serious relationship that lasted very long. But thanks anyways.
    Wow. Thanks for your answer. I feel like this along with what Walker said is what I need. A wake up call.
    Could you get back to me with other signs of depression. Honestly, I don't feel "depressed" at all, but maybe that's just another sign. 
    What do you think the answer is – dealing with the problem or actively seeking things that make me happy in order to occupy my time with? Maybe I mix of both?
    thank you for your time, tho. I really appreciate it.
  10. Ljungan added a post in a topic I hate weekends. I hate being alone. I'm also a needy fucking boyfriend. Help me.   

    This is, to some degree, very correct. During the past year I have befriended many of her close friends, and I've been partying with pretty much all of them. Some of these people are even ones I'd comfortably hang with without my girlfriend. And like tonight when she's at one of those friends house, It's way easier. I do actually feel quite happy for her. I know she's safe.
    But as you say – It's the people I don't know I'm worried about. People she hardly know herself. She just joined some new "clubs" in her new school, and they arrange small to medium-sized parties and I feel really worried because I don't know shit about these people. And honestly I don't think I ever will meet these people because that circle of friends is pretty much school/club-only.
    Wow. Thank you so much for this answer. I guess it's easy to see past the fact that we are in a relationship. She's chosen me and I've chosen her, and after all I'm the one she turns to after every party. And just like you say I just love her so damn much.
    I do try to occupy my time with art, music, etc, but I feel like that's the wrong approach because I keep fleeing from the problem. But maybe I'll just have to try to feel comfortable with the anxiety and worry until it sorts itself out. What do you think?
    And as a sidenote, I'm happy you quit drugs. Very helpful answer, promise not to fall back.
    Meh, yeah, I have. Weed is nice and all, but I'm just in a position and country where it's looked down upon, so I'd rather not. But thanks for the answer Randy.
  11. Ljungan added a post in a topic I hate weekends. I hate being alone. I'm also a needy fucking boyfriend. Help me.   

    Thanks, but meh, my gym routine is a whole different discussion. And honestly I don't think working out more is the answer, that'll be just another time-consumer.
    I don't want to do a lot of stuff everyday. I don't want to depend on things happening. I want to be able to settle down for the day, for the week, and just relax. Without feeling the need to occupy my mind with something, or someone.
  12. Ljungan added a topic in Serious Discussion   

    I hate weekends. I hate being alone. I'm also a needy fucking boyfriend. Help me.
    Hey guys.

    So there's this thing that's been boggling my mind lately, and I just don't know where to turn. I just know that some of you members here are amazing, so I'm hoping you'll spare some time and give me some advice.
    I guess it'll be easier to understand me if I tell you a little about my life; I'm 18, I study graphic design, I have a great job at a design firm, I go to the gym regularly and live a rather healthy life. I have a girlfriend of a little more than a year, a very broad network of friends and a few really good close ones. So my life's perfect? No.
    I feel so fucking lonely. Especially during weekends. I experience anxiety and sometimes panicky feelings if there isn't something happening. This has caused me to seek company or things to occupy my time with because I really fucking hate being alone. I don't know why and I can't remember when this whole thing started but it's becoming more and more obvious. I'll take a drive during evenings when I'm alone hoping something'll turn up, or I'll actively seek someone to spend time with just to occupy my mind.
    Furthermore, what's really bugging me is that I'm so worried about my girlfriend going out. I guess this is kind of the main issue. I hate when she's out partying. I know a huge important part of a relationship is giving each other space but I just feel like I'm not mature enough for it. If she does something without me my anxiety gets even worse. I feel abandoned and worried and lonely and sad and it's killing me inside. I trust her, I really do, but I'm so worried she'll find someone better. And if this behavior continues, I'm sure she will eventually. I try to tell her I'm happy for her, because I really want to be, but I know she knows I'm just bullshitting.
    We have discussed this issue, both ways, several times and while she's well aware of my feelings and she says she also experience the same worry when I'm out partying with my friends, she has always been waaaay more comfortable being alone. I have never felt comfortable being alone. I can hardly stand the thought.
    Now, I could easily find things to do every single day and evening but that feels like I would be pushing the issue away further instead of trying to solve it. What I want is to feel genuine happiness that my girlfriend gets invited by her friends, and that she has fun. I want to be able to stay home alone without feeling abandoned and sad. I want to find comfortability in being alone.
    Has anyone experienced similar feelings? Does anyone have any advice? Does this pass with time? What the fuck do I do?
    Thanks everyone.
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  13. Ljungan added a post in a topic New Promotions! New Admin / Smods!   

    Good job with everything dude. Big shoutout.
    Stay safe man!
  14. Ljungan added a post in a topic Long distance relationship?   

    If I were you, I'd leave now. Not because you love her less or that long distance relationships are impossible but because you don't want to leave in a month. Imagine braking up with her tomorrow. It'd suck for both of you, but at least you get to say your good-byes and "last words" in person. Now imagine breaking up with her while she's away. You'll probably get in a fight over "why didn't you do this earlier" etc etc but it's just so much better to have everything cleared up in person before you two move on.
    I know these words suck, and I hate hearing them myself, but no couple are made for eachother. Some people just tend to fall in love and some people fight enough to live their whole lives together. But if you really care about her I suggest you let her live her life abroad, and you live yours at home. It wont do either of you any good to keep eachother from living. 
    Finally, people who push the whole "fight for what you love" tend to be the same people who have never been in a relationship. Love isn't what movies showcase. You should always value yourself over some girl you've been with for a year. It's really tough because love really takes a toll on your brain function, but try. You'll benefit from making yourself the most important person in your life.
  15. Ljungan added a post in a topic Amount of hours spent on fkn0wned on users profiles   

    All the time spent on fkn is invested, not wasted, time.