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Overview of all our VIP cheats *STICKY*

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Cheat Index:

I'm a fan of that changing the letter of the first word thing now.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2


=== Aimbot Options ===

Aim Enabled - Turn the aimbot on or off

Aim Mode - Select the aimbot mode (Closest to Player, Closest to Crosshair, Lowest Health)

Aim FOV - Maximum FOV to aim (0 - 180)

Aim Bone - Select the bone to aim at

Aim Key - Select the key to aim with

Aim Team - Aim at our team as well? (Aim at enemies, Aim at enemies and team, Aim at team only)

=== Visual Options ===

Name ESP - Display the name of a player

Box ESP - Display a box around the player

Class ESP - Display class of a player (Recon, Engineer, Assault, Medic)

Weapon ESP - Display weapon of a player

Bone ESP - Display the current aiming bone of a player

Crosshair - Display a crosshair on the screen

=== Removal Options ===

No Recoil - Nullifies recoil on the client

No Spread - Nullifies spread on the client

No Shake - Removes "shake" when running or when explo

Battlefield 2


ESP ;_;

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