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[TUT]Idiot's Guide To Successfully Blackmailing pedos[BIG MONEY]

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NOTE:This activity is considered illegal and goes against every moral principal established.

Discretion is advised.


<~ Mission Summary ~>

Practically, we're going to have to make the pedos believe we're actually under-age girls who are willing to get undressed in front of the camera. Most pedos will react beautifully to this and will start wanking in front of their cameras themselves. Your job is to record them doing all this and later threaten them into giving you money in order to shut you up from telling the police and their friends/family/boss what he's just done.

<~ Tools Of The Trade ~>

<<- VPNs ->>

So you might say, well if making bank is so profitable why waste time on e-whoring? Well the answer is this, Black-mail is a VERYdangerous criminal offence, if you're under-age yourself obviously you'll get a decreased punishment, but its still a dangerous thing to do and no government takes this lightly. So, you're gonna need some sort of protection. What kind of protection? The kind that hides your identity, for starters. For this reason you'll be needing a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This nifty feature in life will change your real IP into another's. There are many nifty VPNs out there, but my personal favourite has to be nVpn (Link to their website is at the bottom of the post).

<<- Instant Messaging Software ->>

Not really going to get into any details, but you're going to need to bait your slaves into talking to you privately with the use of IM software such as Skype, Msn, Yahoo, etc..

<<- IM Recording Software ->>

The most important part of making bank is recording. You'll be needing some sort of software that is capable of recording your conversations so that you'll have enough evidence to threaten them with.

~ Skype :- Since I mostly use Skype, my favourite recorder has proven to be Evaer (link at the bottom of this thread, it's not free but quite worth the money in my opinion).

~ Msn :- I barely use Msn but I know for a fact that MSN Recorder Max is quite popular and a decent software for the job.

~ Yahoo :- No Idea Posted Image

<<- Virtual Camera Software ->>

Another extremely important tool of the trade. Most pedos will probably ask to see you on camera before they'll be willing to get undressed themselves. For this reason we'll be needing pre-recordings of girls (preferably ones that look under-age, DON'T USE REAL UNDER-AGE GIRLS ). The software 99% of people use for this requirement is ManyCam (yes, there's a link to that to).

<<- Fake Facebook/Skype/Msn/Yahoo Accounts ->>

Nothing to explain here, the more proof you provide that you're 'real', the more the pedos will trust you with THEIR personal details. So go on, go make as many fake shit for your whore as you can :-/

<~ Step 1: Finding Your Pedo ~>

Ok, so this is probably the most annoying part. Through experience I've learnt that online chat sites have the best success rate when it comes to getting pedos. Now you have 2 options, either go to an Adult site and change your name to something like <Julia_95> saying that you're looking for "a man with skype that's looking for some fun", or you can go to a Teen chat site saying that you're "looking for elder (21+) men with skype". Right now you're probably saying, "Why teen chat?". Well, truth is you WILL find men that age, so why not exploit it? :-/ My personal tip: DON'T OVERDO IT. Saying something like "Looking for men interested in younger girls message me with your skype c;; xxxx! <3" will just push the smart pedos away (and smart = rich; stupid = poor).

With that, you'll get quite a lot of attention, depending on the population of the chatroom. If you're bombarded with PM's, filter shit out. Ask them if they have skype/msn and for their asl's. If they're younger than 21 (little money since they're probably still students) and/or don't have Skype/Msn, don't waste your time, just block them.

Important Note: DO NOT ask them for money to watch you strip, this isn't e-Whoring! Asking them for money will just put them off!

<~ Step 2: Information Gathering (Doxing) ~>

When that's done and you've added them to your IM, try to social engineer them as much as you can. Ask them for their city/hometown, workplace, etc. Your aim from now onwards is to practically get their facebook page. If you're lucky they'll give it to you straight away, but most wont. Try to intimidate them into giving it to you by saying that your connection's playing up and if they add your (whore's) profile you can contact them through FB messages and whatnot.

Some will just say that they don't have facebooks, now you will have to go with your guts from now onwards. If they're 20-35, most will actually have a facebook profile but they don't trust you enough to give it to you. Some won't even give you their names. Although the aim is still gaining as many information as possible, some people are just too insecure (smart) and you need to learn when to give up.

Practically, all you need to dox someone successfully is their name, really. When they've given you it (hopefully its their real name), look it up on facebook. If the name is too common to bring out an accurate result, ask them for their location. If they decide not to give you their location, its time to make use of some basic 'hacking' tools.

To obtain an estimate of their location (Accuracy limited to cities, not streets), you will need to Trace their IP. For this, you will need Commviewer (Link at the bottom). This nifty program will trace IPs of incoming/outgoing connections. Only real downside is that you'll have hundreds of different IPs showing up on your list (for me, anyway). To filter out all the useless IPs, you're going to have to go on cam with your slave. This will result in a higher rate of data-flow incoming/outgoing to that IP, so sort the list in order of traffic and the IP that's showing huge amounts of data transfer is the one you're looking for. Now simply copy their Remote IP and go to ( and type in the copied IP which will give you their estimate location.

When that's done, you'll have practically all you need to find his Facebook page. Note, myspace works too but I don't really know how many people still use that pile of crap.

Now, you can either look up their FB on the site itself, making sure that you set the search mode to 'People' and type in their location to filter out irrelevant people. If that doesn't work, most will tell you to use an online doxing search-engine known as Pipl (

). Personally, I don't really fancy the program as 50% of the time it won't give you their FB page even if they REALLY DO have one, but heck its worth a shot anyway.

Additionally, if the person is employed by a company, make sure you dox that too. Ask him for the company name, then find their website on google. If the manager's/CEO Name (or e-mail) isn't listed on the site itself, do a domain look-up (

) and hopefully it will show up with the owner's Name, E-Mail, and possibly their location too.

<~ Step 3: The Threat>

Cool, so now you've managed to get all you need to now about your slave. This is when the fun part starts. He will probably ask you whether you're horny or not, its up to you whether you decide to play hard to get or not, but simply playing along would probably be your best bet. Before you know it they'll send you a cam request, so fire up manycam and play your whore's recording.

Making sure everything's being recorded, tell him to get naked and start jerking off. Meanwhile, go to his facebook and visit his friends/relatives/bosses pages and make a list of the names of the people who you think he knows well. When that's done, and you open skype again only to see him cumming all over himself, start writing down your "Threat Message". Make sure its not TOO long, just keep it short and straight to the point. Here's an example message:

As you know, by doing all this you've been exploiting me for your own personal gain during the past few minutes, not to mention the number of law's you've just broken. Also, I would like to add that all this has been recorded and saved on my computer to be uploaded to a few people who will definitely be interested in seeing you jerk off to a [Your Whore's Age] year old girl, people like [Paste the list of names you made earlier] and of course, the police. If you want to keep whatever happened tonight to ourselves, I am offering you a chance for you to safeguard your integrity for a small fee of [insert Huge-Ass Fee Here], to be paid within the next 15 minutes. Note that if you block me from this conversation, I will make it my mission to destroy your reputation, not to mention your freedom.

Quick Note Regarding The Price: Adjust the price to whatever seems fit. I usually never go below $150, but sometimes your slave honestly won't have as much money. If your slave is married with kids, I'd personally go to a price ranging around $500 -$1000 (Yeah, I'd pay that to safeguard my relationship with my wife&kids too, heck if he doesn't pay that amount of money he'll end up spending more in Lawyer fees :-/)

From now onwards, keep in mind that you have to FOCUS and stay in command of the situation. Don't show him that this is probably your first time Bm'ing someone, act professional to make him shit his pants. Also, don't go around randomly changing the price, set up a fixed price and stick with it till the end.

50% of the time he'll indeed shit his pants and block you, that's where you'll have to send him another message on facebook, tell him that you really do have his family member's profiles and that you're talking to them right now. If you actually do talk to them make sure you don't spit out everything. Insert phrases like "I have something to tell you regarding Mr/Ms (surname). As much as I'd like to tell you myself, I'd rather you inform him that I'm actually talking to you before we proceed."

When they talk to him, that's when he really will shit his pants and probably unblock you off Skype/Msn. This is where he'll say something like "What guarantee will I have that you won't just keep asking me for more?" That's when you'll tell him that after the transaction is completed you will allow him to block you from everywhere, meaning that even if you wanted to ask for more money, you wouldn't have the means of communication to do so.

Some will just tell you that they don't have any money. Trust me, they're lying. If they're old enough to have and pay for their own internet connection, then they have some sort of cash lying around, even if it means asking for them to add to their overdraft account.

<~ Step 4: Payment Methods>

Cool, so you managed to get this far! Now the following is VERY important. The payment methods should be prepared before-hand, and the greater the variety the bigger the chances of you getting a quicker payout.

What's important in this is that you NEVER, EVER set up your accounts with REAL information. Doing that is just a one way ticket to jail. Payment methods which you should consider are Paypal, Amazon Gift Cards (or any other form of gift card for that matter), Liberty Reserve & Bitcoins.

When the transaction is over, block them and make sure you get yourself a well-deserved pint of beer :biggrin: .

<~ Links To Things You'll Be Needing ~>

nVpn - | 100% Safe | NO IP Logs | VPN Service | Fast | Reliable | Affordable | Anonymous |
Evaer Video Recorder (For Skype)
Msn Recorder Max (For Msn)




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my dads neighborhood has 30+ sex offenders in the area.... im about to make some bankEDIT: meh, nvm, i might try this but it seems a bit to risky for my taste...


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NOTE:This activity is considered illegal and goes against every moral principal established.

Discretion is advised.

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Sold to Deagle, great buyer. Vouch!

Lock and archive topic please <3

:wink: Bought BF3 acc.


Vouch for this guy,i traded with him,i go first everything was ok

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Thanks. Fuck moral

I <3 fkn0wned!

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