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@  [VIP]ColdKiller : (24 April 2015 - 02:25 PM) where?
@  MrIDontHack : (24 April 2015 - 02:08 PM) There are free premum gernerator link sites out there
@  [VIP]ColdKiller : (24 April 2015 - 01:36 PM) Or http://rapidgator.net
@  [VIP]ColdKiller : (24 April 2015 - 01:34 PM) some1 an idea for using uploaded.net prem account?
@  [VIP]ColdKiller : (24 April 2015 - 01:33 PM) hey guys
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@  [VIP]razvyx89 : (24 April 2015 - 12:34 PM) @Lawliet come skype
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@  [VIP]Venomz1337 : (24 April 2015 - 09:34 AM) ^^
@  [VIP]Venomz1337 : (24 April 2015 - 09:34 AM) And here I am still waiting for my headset @Mugen
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@  [RnR]NigelStrawberry : (24 April 2015 - 08:48 AM) http://www.twitch.tv/munnedota Time to try to play dota xD D D X S XD

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CSGO Private Hacks Released!! League Proof Included!

26 Mar 2015

Posted by TuxifieD in Site News

We have finally decided to release our private hacks. As you know the public is out, now its time to do some real damage!!

The way we have set it up is when you purchase from http://www.cheatsinc.com(still designing it but it is functioning) you message me here or message "Cheatsinc" on the forum there and you will be able to also get VIP here for the time you have it there.


We are accepting paypal/cc/debit/BTC currently. If you are ready to own and not have to worry about being detected you better get your ass over to http://www.cheatsinc.com!!!!


Direct links to our cheats


Most Secure League ProoF Hack http://www.cheatsinc.com/?page_id=6

Super MultiHack http://www.cheatsinc.com/?page_id=14


Remember the option to purchase each hack is at the bottom of that particular hacks page.


Hope to see you in the VIP !!!



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The return of TuxifieD

26 Jan 2015

Posted by TuxifieD in Site News
How's it going everyone. Some of you might remember me, some of you might not. I left about 4 years ago and I have debated if I should come back. I decided to go ahead and give it a shot after much debate and thought on if I believe I can bring fkn0wned back to what it was. I have a slightly new vision for fkn0wned that should make us relevant to the current timeS. We will also be moving back to the .com domain But .net will still worK.

vip will be fixed up and new features offered including always working netflix and hulu accounts and much much more. I have big plans to make the site super active and everyone will benefit.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to hit me up via pm. I'm not the same tux that I was ... bit wiser.. bit less of an asshole but much smarter so this will be fun.

I would also like to share that my nigga and right hand man kza is back on stafF. He will be browsing around and helping me figure out what needs to be changeD so please give him a warm welcome and your respect Also as our newest smod.



  1,808 Views · 83 Replies ( Last reply by SideroM )


Site Updates - Skill Recruitment - Verified Sellers Group...

20 Feb 2015

Posted by TuxifieD in Site News

Some changes for the site to update everyone


***Fkn0wned.COM -  The site will be moving back to fkn0wned.com and away from the .net domain, the .net domain will still work and forward you to the .com domain. This should be activated within 24 hours of this post being made.



*** Public/VIP Hack CSGO Hack - We currently have two coders working on different hacks for the site, we are working on a basic pub memory hack for CSGO that will remain undetected long term with added ability to morph to ensure longer undetected rates for the public. We also have a full multihack for the VIP that will be released soon, we are adding really advanced morphing techniques with the ring0 proofing to ensure a whole new level of safety, everyone will be very happy with the results.



*** Verified Sellers Group - MarketPlace Expansion - A new group has been added for those who wish to upgrade their accounts and show they have verified product. The group is the Verified Sellers Group, this will require your product be inspected by staff and forensics software to ensure quality and then a $10 upgrade fee a month, this is less than the current VIP costs and will allow to show exactly why you upgraded. We will have a year price of $50.

The market place has also been expanded and a lot of rules removed to allow for more products to be sold. When you upgrade to Verified Sellers Group you also get access to our hidden marketplace for VIP and Verified Sellers only where the rules are even less stringent.

We highly suggest you come down and find some cheap products, great services or share your service!!


*** Skill Recruitment - We are currently recruiting skilled members. If you have a skillset or asset that you can offer to fkn0wned to help us grow faster then we are looking for you. Either large contacts, databases, defacements, seo links, traffic, graphic design, social media advertisement skills, coders, pen testers, etc...


We are looking for you!! We want to hit the ground running with this new expansion so we are reaching out to all the fkn0wned members who might be hiding with some very unique skills that can help us. PM TuxifieD on the forum with a clear description of what you can do and what you can offer.


Thanks guys, as always I am looking for new crew and staff that I feel have the drive to help fkn0wned and put in the effort needed to get things done.


Recently Jimy was recruited and promoted to Crew, I hope everyone welcomes him and I hope he does a good job with this new opertunity.



Thank you,




  2,128 Views · 22 Replies ( Last reply by r00tFuck3d )


Roll back - Data loss

17 Feb 2015

Posted by D0t1q in Site News



Just a heads up to anyone visiting the site today, you will notice that there is some data loss, unfortunately the host node our server was living on had 100% data loss and we lost our server, fortunately I had made a backup and we've restored from that, you will notice a loss in posts since the 6th of this month. We are sorry for any issues this has caused and will do our best to restore things to the way they used to be.


This post is just as a heads up to everyone, Tuxified can answer any further questions you have on this matter.


Thank you.

  229 Views · 13 Replies ( Last reply by Baz )


Happy Holidays, and Stepping down

25 Dec 2014

Posted by PopTart in Site News

Hi guys, 


First off Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  :) Hope you all enjoy it!


Next I want to let you know that I am stepping down as the owner of the site. It's been a fun 6+ years being on the fkn0wned staff. Working my way from warez crew all the way to being the owner of this amazing forum. But now I'm older and my life is starting. I finished college and it's time to get a big boy job and be a productive citizen of society. Recently you all have seen my inactivity and it sucks, I feel that I could have done so much more as owner but IRL just has taken over. So I've decided today on Christmas it will be my last day as owner of the site. 


d0t1q will be the temporary owner of the site until all is sorted out with who the new permanent owner is. If all works out I'm sure you all will be extremely happy with the new owner. But that's for the weeks to come. 


I would like to thank everyone of the site for being apart of the fkn0wned community. I would also like to thank everyone who is or has been on the Fkn0wned staff. Without you guys the site wouldn't exist. 


I also would like to thank all my friends that I made on this site. I've learned so much stuff from being apart of this site for the past years, and it's been a huge part of my life. 


I'll still be checking in from time to time, and will be on steam when I can. 


I love you all, 


Long Live Fkn0wned 


-PopTart aka Jessica 


  509 Views · 24 Replies ( Last reply by Kimmi )

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