By TuxifieD,

Just a few updates for everyone.

1st - Post for Prizes

A new contest we will test this month. You will be paid to post basically. The way it will work is that when you post a topic, after the first reply it will automatically lock at a certain amount of time after. If you are the last person to reply before it is locked, you win a point. The topics will be in the general section only and I will enable the game on each topic by hand so you'll see my edit saying its enabled. The person with the most points (you gain a point each time you're the last person to post in a topic before it closes) wins first place in our give away. So just to increase your odds, the best thing to do is just to come on, reply to the most recently opened topics that you haven't read, and maybe start a topic too, to increase your odds by having more topics open.

Spam will be punished with suspension. Do not spam, post quality posts. Theres plenty in the world to talk about right now. No spamming, if you ask for the topic to be closed (you're the opener) you obviously do not get a point.

1st place prize - $40 USD + Your choice of  CSGO VIP/CSS VIP/Bf4 VIP for a month.

2nd Place - CSGO VIP/CSS VIP/BF4 VIP for a month

3rd Place - CSGO VIP/CSS VIP/ BF4 VIP for 2 weeks

All the hacks are the hacks from and they are all currently undetected and working.

2nd - BF4 Public Hack Relased!

We have released the BF4 Public Hack, you can download it here.

With this release, and welcome [Fkn]Ogashdro to our team as a coder. Please give him a nice welcome. We are always looking to recruit coders who are wanting to release free cheats to the public and maintain them, so we are glad to have him on board!

3rd - CheatsInc BF4 Hacks have been released!

We have finished our full featured BF4 hack at, currently PBSS proof and PB proof. You dont have to worry about getting detected with this bad boy. We will be releasing it on the front page of this weekend. If you would like to purchase now you can PM me about it. Here are some of the ingame pictures

4th - New Skin

We have a transparent skin that you can switch to by clicking the Theme button at the bottom of the screen, we are still modifying it to be as easy to read as possible for our users before we put it as the default skin. If you would prefer to use that one to this one then you can at anytime switch your skin preference. Any graphic designers want to help us with designing it can please PM TuxifieD.


Thanks Everyone,

Fkn0wned Team


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By TuxifieD,

Hey everyone just wanted you guys to know that Electric has contacted me and expressed wanting to come out of retirement. So I am assigning him Forum General position as head SMOD for now and he will probably go back to his Admin position soon.

Please everyone welcome him back :) We have a lot of new things coming to the site and Im glad Electric can be apart of it.




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By TuxifieD,

I decided to update to give everyone a fresh new look. We are working on the skin and mods. For now though if anyone finds any errors please post them here or PM me so I can fix them one by one.

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